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hms_epic_fail's Journal

The Totally True Story of the Flying Dutchman
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PotC humor RPG
Welcome to hms_epic_fail, Unsinkable! The Totally True Story of the Flying Dutchman, a post-AWE crack PotC game!

We know it to be certain that:

1. William Turner is Captain of the Flying Dutchman

2. Fanon!Elizabeth is a whore.


3. William Turner is more or less damned for eternity, and so sets about to replace the crew he inherited from Davy Jones with one comprised of people he knew while still alive: pirates he sailed with, members of the Navy and the East India Trading Company, as well as any of those that served under Jones that wish to stay of their own choice.

Premise: Will regrets the day that he ever laid on Elizabeth Swann as he tries to balance his duties as Captain, keep his ship in one piece, and most importantly: trying to keep his crew from killing one another.

Method: A crack game where in everyone picks their favorite pirate/sailor/EitC official, tries to become second in command/take over the ship/find a way to get laid.

IMPORTANT: Elizabeth is responsible for Will's predicament. If Will ever were to see her again, she'd be banished to the locker. Therefore, we will have no Elizabeth in this game. So don't try us. Seriously.

Your Mods:
oshunanat and ecchipiro

The Important Stuff
This is a Livejournal-based game. We have a global cast of players which makes coordinating IM logs a nightmare. The option is available to players if they so choose, but the majority of game play must be played via Livejournal through threads in the main community. Before joining, please consider if this slower-paced kind of play is your cup of tea.

All payers must have an IC journal for this game. PB must either be a screen caps or from official photos released from the movies. Failing that, fan art is acceptable. Icons of the actors in modern garb are not cool. If you really have a problem, let us know, but Google images should be your friend. If you can't find a cap of your character then maybe s/he is too obscure to be played here. OC's of any kind are not allowed at this time. Only IC journals will be given membership in the this and the OOC (epic_fail_ooc)community, the exception being the mod journals, because we are lazy like that.

For Firefox users, you may want to get your hands on the LJ Login add-on. It allows you to log into multiple journals without having to manually login and log out. It is love.

The Rules

a. You must be at least 18 years of age to play in this game, due to adult situations. Please have an age statement up in your OOC profile for us to check.

b. The communities default to friends-lock. Please f-lock all journal entries as well for the community's protection.

c. There will be m/m sex in this game. If you can't deal with it, go play elsewhere.

d. We are big kids. That means flaming will not be tolerated. Flame once, get banned for a week. Flame twice, get banned for good.

e. There is no god-modding. Muns control their pups. You control yours, they control theirs. God-modding can lead to banning if the problem is not corrected when brought to your attention.

f. All characters must join the OOC community. All mod posts will be made to this community. Although we will do our best to update the OOC comm and the profile at the same time, it is almost certain that updates will be made to the OOC community first. Like the main community, membership is restricted. Only IC journals will be accepted for this community. This is also the place to make annoucements about temporary hiatuses, have discussions, toss about plot ideas/etc.

a. Entries to the main community must be IC and written in the third person. Entries should be spell-checked before posting.

b. Entries in a character's journal should also be spell checked, but they can be written in first person if you so choose. Make sure to add all IC journals to your f-list so everyone can see the entries you are making.

c. When starting a new thread, please create the following header:


Please end entries with a [tag: *character name*] or [open tag] so others can easily tell who is allowed to join the thread. Please give each post a subject line.

d. To keep threads tidy, we ask that at 50 comments a new thread be made. If there are multiple threads within a main post, go ahead and feel free to create a new post for each thread.

Each continuation thread should be labeled [continuation], contain the same header from the previous post, a brief summary of the last thread, as well as a link to the original thread.

If the thread really grows ginormous, simply repeat, noting what continuation number the thread is to make it easy to follow.

e. Tags. Add tags with the main characters names to your entry. Mods can also do this, but if you help keep it up it's appreciated.

RL happens. It's cool, it happens to us all. But if we all go inactive, the game dies and that would be sad, so keep the following in mind:

If you are going to be gone for more than few days, please let us know in advance if possible. An e-mail to either mod or just a post in the OOC community will do. This lets us know that you're still interested in playing.

If you are gone for a full week with no activity in the main community a mod will comment asking you about your future plans for the community. You will have 3-4 days to respond to the letter. If no answer is forthcoming in that time period, it will be considered as if you had voluntarily quit. If you chose to stay, you will remain on a probationary basis, subject to being kicked out if the mods feel that you don’t bring the amount of activity back up to an appropriate amount. Kicking a player out will be the absolute last resource, we do want to work with our players!

Final Note
Rules are subject to be updated by the mods as situations warrant new rules. Any such changes will be posted to the OOC community and opened for (screened) comments. Mods are also available via e-mail or IM for any questions that you may have.

Characters wanted
-Any pirate that Will would have met while working with Jack/Barbossa/Sao Feng

-Any character that served under Norrington in CotBP.

-Any character that served under Lord Beckett in DMC/AWE.

-Any character that served under Davy Jones in DMC/AWE. [If you aren't sure, there's a handy list here at the bottom of the page.]

At this time, while the game is still small, we prefer that characters be recognizable: that is, they must be more than an extra in a background shot and have at least a handful of lines. If your character has a known surname but no given name, it's fine to give him one.

Characters not available:
William Turner capt_turner

Royal Navy/EITC [a.k.a. The Wigged Set]
Lt. Cdr. Adrian Greitzer adriangreitzer
Admiral James Norrington sexinbrocade
Lord Cutler Beckett god_aka_cutler
Lt. Theodore Groves slutbunnygroves
Joseph Mercer clerkish [technically he's non-wigged, wig-support, but close enough]
Lt. Andrew Thomas Gillette crimson_slut
Lt. Franklin Benjamin Cryer cryer_baby
Governor Weatherby Swann dearweatherby

Chen Lian [one of Sao Feng's twin assassins] bathhouse_lotus
Captain Jack Sparrow caribbean_mojo
Anamaria farfrombadluck
Captain Hector Barbossa loverofapples

Elizabeth Swann*
Other female characters**

*If you missed the note on this, you haven't read the rules. Try again.

** At this time we feel that playing a girl on the ship could either result in extreme boredom for the mun and/or lend itself extremely well to Mary Sue-ism. We will only except her if her application absolutely knocks the socks off the mods, and even then it might be on a trial basis. E-mail oshunanat for more information.

Preference will be given to those applying for major characters. At the mod's discretion, players may pick up a second pup. Applications for second characters will only be approved if the mods feel that the player has proven themselves with their first character. If we reject your first request, we will let you know how many more posts you must make before you reapply.

Want to apply?
Go here to apply. Do not mess with the HTML of the application. The complete application should look like:

1. Your name:
2. Your e-mail address: (mandatory, will not be shared without permission)
3. Your IM/MSN/Yahoo ID (not mandatory, but strongly preferred that you provide one):
4. Your character's name:
5. Your character's allegiance: pirate, member of the Royal Navy/EitC, served aboard the Dutchman under Davy Jones:
6. Your character's motivation for joining the crew: (i.e. revenge on another crew member, to kill Will, to try and take over the ship, boredom, a love of sailing...whatever)
7. Reply to the following prompt. Please answer in third person:

Your character has recently died and was just rescued from the ocean. Captain Turner stands before you and offers you a deal: pass on to the afterlife, or join his crew of your own free choice. How does your character react to the situation and what do they say to William? For this prompt ONLY you character may see any one of interest that may help sway them in their decision.

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to contact the mods:

Capt. Turner//DarkMarkedMalfoy (AIM)//oshunanat @ livejournal.com
Adrian Greitzer//AdrianGreitzer (AIM)//ecchipiro @ gmx.de

For anything OOC related go join epic_fail_ooc.